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You know you miss F1 when even the gas meter reminds you of it
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Is it me or the guy in the tv show “Hannibal” has a incredible resemblance to Mika Hakkinen

F1 Fandom Logic

*Sergio Perez overtakes Jenson Button & Fernando Alonso*

F1 Fan Reaction: OMG that was Brilliant!!! This guy is on fire!! Keep it up checo!!

*clashes with kimi (accident of which both of them are at fault)*

F1 Fan Reaction: Oh God he is such an asshole!! He ruined kimi’s race!! And he even pulled the same kind of shit with button and alonso what a monster!! We should ban him from the sport!!

This is seriously the most ridiculous thing ive ever seen in my life….

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It’s amazing how everyone is criticising Perez for everything, ruining races thats RIDICULOUS!! He may have been defensive on button at the start of the Grand Prix but the position was given back and later on he did a brilliant move a clean pass and everything that happend to button after that was due to his slow pace and being caught napping that’s why he got overtaken by sutil not because of Perez.

Then he attempted to pass alonso, it was a close one but you need to take small risks in order to overtake in monaco, he completed that pass and yes alonso had to cut the chicane but that’s because monaco is such a close track and there’s hardly any space but the reality is that Perez was already ahead of him. This then brings me to the last point, kimi was clearly slower that Perez and yes he is entitled to defend his position but to a certain extent kimi was just all over the place not giving any chance and as we all know you allways need to leave a space, its ok to defend but its not ok to block the track and make it absolutley imposible to pass. If kimi wanted to avoid contact he would’ve moved and give him space, his move by squeezing perez knowing he had already commited to the corner was more stupid than what you people claim perez was by attempting that move as he had a chance of avoiding it. 

Perez made a mistake, yes. But he didn’t ruin the races of button, alonso and kimi. Button and alonso were slow and so was kimi but he decided to take another aproach on the situation and look like a victim. Surprises me how everyone look’s for excuses and they all attack perez…and to imagine that in Bahrein he was more agressive and he was a “Hero” for standing up to button and now he is a “dangerous driver” and should be banned from the sport. Shame on the F1 fandom at the moment.

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Double Cross: I love the hypocrisy hereIt’s totally okay for Kimi to squeeze off...


I love the hypocrisy here

It’s totally okay for Kimi to squeeze off Perez on the run down to the chicane, ruin his race - oh and Kimi’s points finish streak is still intact

because Perez is a “dangerous driver” for making aggressive overtaking moves

Everyone in this damn fandom says they want…

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“Flow” by Mike Reyfman

_MG_3060.jpg (by xskyven)

Islands in mist, Neil Walton


Monaco 1971.